Clutch It Up!
May 8, 2016

Our Clutch Wrap Combos arrive soon!

Add the perfect printed pop to your #ootd with our stunning range of printed wraps and clutches.

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  1. Zaidah says:

    My name is Zaidah. I’ve recently stumbled on your website and Instagram page. Wow. Alghumdu’lillah and Mashallah.
    I absolutely love your style and keen eye you have for fashion. It’s also refreshing to see how you’ve incorporated fashion and modesty. I currently reside in Cape Town and wanted to know if you deliver to Cape Town and if you have a wider range I can view.
    I’m particularly interested in your shoes and scarves. Especially the colorful ones.
    It would be great if you could open a store in Cape Town!!’

  2. Morea Petersen says:

    Hi I would love to order these for my girls. I can’t find it under “shop”. How can I order?

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